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Are You An Agency?

Our parent company Graphlink Media ( has been producing top quality work for all of the major NYC agencies for decades. BLITZ is carrying on that tradition with smaller shops across the country.

We can provide you and your clients the top-flight branding and advertising you need. Including photo/video, art and multimedia. We can even "white label" our offerings and services.  Drop Us a Note:  NYADMEN (at)

Are You In Sales?

We know we're lucky. Because we have such a great product that — here we go, we're going to say it — practically sells itself.

But we also know it only does that when business owners learn about it, and have a chance to understand it will help them. And even if we were a much larger firm, we would not have the resources to reach everyone.

At the end of the day, it is hard to sell quality that someone has not yet experienced. Which is why our prices to the small business community are competitive with any other service out there. Even those without our decades-long track record and awards.

So if you are in sales, and want to explore the idea of representing a product and service that is generally a pretty easy sale, we are happy to receive your curriculum vitae (that's a resume, for those that aren't old Latins). And we can discuss the HUGE commissions we are willing to pay you.

Of course, work from home, make your own hours, and make your own lunches.
It's all good!  
Drop Us a Note:  NYADMEN (at)

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